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Story behind Docon (this is rather boring) /


And here you find summary regarding longer space travels. What we know and challanges: And here:

And as intergalactic travels project should have some rough idea about how to travel faster than light, before we find some scientific solutions, I can propose only unverifiable science fiction idea. Just something to begin with: Sophisticated Quantum Relativity Modern Aether (SQRMA).


Intergalactic travels project - Docon






First Docon Project.

We will recreate you in the future. 100% of You. Your mind and Body.

October 2017

Discovering way to travel faster than light will take some time. But before we – humans, will be able to solve that problem with our brains, problem will be solved already. No, not by aliens in distant universes, they probably did it before. Eureka! will be exclamed here, on Earth. By machines.
Recently I realized that teaching machines is almost as simple as using some office suite. All matemathics is inside, you do not have to think about. You just choose algorithm and some options. You provide data and wait for results. Of course more complex task you need to be solved, more data and effort for model building is required. And machines still answers only relatively simple questions. But we can see constant progress at artifical intelligence field. And some day machines start to think and communicate each other.
From many years I deliver data to machines of worlds' largest corporations. They pay me for delivering human judgement. Most of us deliver data for machines for free, just by using computers, internet, smartphones. And there is no way back. Machines will surpass us at most task, thinking included.
So why not to help them to communicate and develop themselves? Introduce standard in machine learning that will enable machines to communicate with each other. Just some space, communication channels and processors free to use by machines, some incentives etc. And constantly ask them the question – how to reach other galaxies fast.

PS. Yes I'm fan of Terminator and Blade Runner but I'm not afraid :-)





I wrote short science-fiction story. It have nothing to do with DOCON but changes perspective, what can be useful when we work on different projects.
Translated from Polish.

öre, öre, öre,

- Dad. And the smallest part of us, what it is called ?

- Galaxy.

- And those little bigger?

- Mmmmm. Universes?

- And how is it that we are composed of them?

- Oh, this is a tough question. Galaxies whirled around, created universes. Then universes joined into molecules. And these, in turn, into organisms that compete with each other. The best won and after a long, long time our species arose. You have to study more to understand this process.

- Uh-huh. And is there something smaller than galaxies?

- No.

- Why?

- Mmmmm. Scientists have proved that the smallest possible length is diameter of the smallest galaxy known to us.

- They will not continue to investigate?

- Nope. There was one, but not a scientist. Some scatterbrain from the patent office, which claimed that galaxies have some sort of grains inside - he called them stars. But this is just kind of fictious stories you can read in tabloids.

- And if the other stars circulate around these little stars, and if there are mini organisms that live on them?

- Impossible. Even if there were any stars, they would arise and disappear so quickly that there were no time for life to develop. Do you know how short galaxy last? Anyway, what's the idea, to live on something? Living is moving in space.

- So I misuse my imagination again?

- Unfortunately yes. Better study, mmmmm öre, öre, öre.




Not new but still inspiring - Idea of gravity having its origin in all other masses in the universe

"Masses of the universe and masses of elementary particles are related in an intriguing way. It's a very interesting unexplained phenomenom but Einstaind and Dirac never talked together..."
source: Alexander Unzicker: Einstein's Unrecognized Masterstroke -
More reading: And paper with formulas: ,

Simplicity to its Extreme - Why We Need to Question the Notions of Space and Time